Memories of Guantanamo Bay 1960 - 1962
by Janet Miller
This personal account takes place on the military installation at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba during the turbulent early 1960s, shortly after Fidel Castro came to power and during John F. Kennedy's presidency. Written from the perspective of a Navy wife, the story details her involvement with the Cuban people who were employed on the Naval Base and who became her friends.

The author describes the complexities of living overseas inside a communist country, yet on U.S. soil, while her marriage is disintegrating. She brings the reader along with her, through her personal experiences, covert activities, and emotional uncertainties. Any unforeseen event could happen next, and it does!

The narrative ends abruptly on October 22, 1962—the Cuban Missile Crisis and evacuation—dramatically impacting thousands of people who lived there.

Miller’s intriguing book contains hundreds of historic GTMO photos, documents, and maps dating from the late 1950s to 1962.
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